Optical 3D measurement

Since 2000 we have been offering comprehensive services on many aspects of the topic 3D measurements of components, tools, appliances and other objects. In doing so, we cover the entire range from 3D scanning to surface reconstructions up to parametric new constructions including the corresponding final drawings. Depending on the task at hand, a large-scale photogrammetry may be useful beyond the surface scan. Moreover, we are able to solve some measuring tasks completely by photogrammetry and thus, the more elaborate 3D scan is not always implicitly required.
This way, our optical contact-free measuring procedures are able to measure all types of objects: from A like ancient bronze statues up to Z like zinc die-cast components.
When compiling our equipment we always consider customizable application scenarios. Our entire equipment enables us virtually to operate on the ground anywhere in the world.

Optical measurements of components - incl. evaluation / sampling

We are able to digitize your components within a narrow time frame, evaluating and sampling them according to your specifications. In doing so, also complex requirements, such as for evaluating turbine components (rotation/translation of profile sections, stacking elbows, etc.), are easily realizable.
At the same time, you benefit from our comprehensive experience in optical measurements of tools and patterns, wing panels, hulks, vehicles and much more.

3D digitization

For 3D digitizing surfaces we use a GOM ATOS III TRIPLE SCAN – one of the most efficient 3D scanners in the market.

3D scanning

Are you looking for a service provider to measure or 3D scan a mould, a component or a building?

3D coordinate measurements

Our system TRITOP HR enables us to measure meter points in high-precision for large test volumes of up to 10x10x10m³. The system may be used as stand-alone operation or in addition to surface scans to increase flexibility, speed and/or precision.

Surface reconstructions & reverse engineering

On measured data that already exists or that we have generated, we are able to generate complex and highly precise freeform surfaces. Such surfaces can be used for subsequent construction processes.

Subcontract measurements

We perform subcontract measurements for you. If you want to carry out the evaluations at home, we will provide the entire measurement dataset, this goes without saying.

Under the topic references we tried to demonstrate the diversity of our application scenario by showing some of our projects. We are happy to assist you with our technical guidance in finding solutions to your particular task. Please get in touch with us; we will be pleased to support you.